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Friday, July 07, 2006

Final Fantasy X Movie Rumour

Well I never expected this! Nearly a week ago, I wrote in this blog my thoughts about what the next Final Fantasy movie might be. It didn't cross my mind that it could be something like this. There is a rumour that is going around the internet about a movie of Final Fantasy X. This rumour came from the June 2006 issue of the PSM2 magazine. I would lov this rumour to be true! But at the moment that is all it is, a rumour. I hope that Square says if this is true or not soon.

Where I found this rumour:

Angela Aki - Home - Samples

I have uploaded samples of all the songs on Angela Aki's Home album! All of the samples are 32 seconds long (512kb in file size). These samples are just to give you a taste of how good this album is :) To download the samples, right click and "Save Target As..." (or right click and click on what you would usually to download something).

I have tested these samples and they will definitely play in Winamp, the should also play in Window's Media Player too.

Enjoy ^^

1. Kiss Me Good Bye
2. Love is Over Now
3. The warrior within
5. This Love
6. Please
7. Uchuu
8. Rain
9. Miracle
10. Let me brag and say "I love you"
11. Hallelujah
12. HOME
13. Your Love Song

If you like what you heard, then here is where I got the album:

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Angela Aki - Home Album

I absolutely lov this album! Angela Aki has got an amazing voice and her songwriting is fantastic too :) When I bought this album I was taking quite a gamble really, I was only going off her voice in Kiss Me Good-Bye which I had heard in a Final Fantasy XII trailer. And I thought her voice was so great that I went and got both the single and her Home album too ^^

I don't really have one favourite (apart from Kiss Me Good-Bye ;), which is on the album in Japanese) all of the songs on the album are really great to listen to!

Here's the track list:

1. Kiss Me Good-Bye
2. Love Is Over Now
3. 心の戦士 (The warrior within)
5. This Love
6. お願い (Please)
7. 宇宙 (Uchuu (Universe/Heaven))
8. Rain
9. 奇跡 (Miracle)
10. 大袈裟に「愛してる」(Let me brag and say "I love you")
11. ハレルヤ (Hallelujah)
12. HOME
13. Your Love Song

I found all of the translations here:

Here are some scans I took of the images in the album:

Monday, July 03, 2006

New Voting Poll

I have added a new Voting Poll to Shuffle or Boogie :) The poll can be found in the side menu, under Previous Posts. The current question in the Poll is:

Which Next Generation Console would/do you like?

And the options to choose from are: PlayStation 3, Wii, XBox 360 and None.

I will put a new poll up at the start of each month and say the results of the previous poll here (when I put up a new poll). Even though it's now the 3rd of this month, I'm going to count the poll that is up now as this month's poll, since I don't think that 2 days of not having the poll up for this month matters "too" much ;)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Thoughts on the next FF Movie

There probably won't be another FF movie for quite a while, but I bet that there will be eventually. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is absolutely amazing!!! So I really hope that there will be another Final Fantasy movie. I have thought about what could be the next Final Fantasy movie and I've come up with what I think are the most likely.

The most likely I think could be a movie in the Fabula Nova Crytallis (the Final Fantasy XIII series). Square Enix have so far revealed 3 titles in the series (XIII, Versus and Agito) and also that there will be a further 3 titles in the series, which they haven't revealed yet. One of those 3 titles I think could be a movie.

Another one that I think could be a movie is this possible Final Fantasy XII sequel that Square Enix have mentioned. Now they haven't said yes there is going to be a follow-up, they just said that it is a possibility that there might be one.

And lastly, I think that there could be a Kingdom Hearts movie. Yes I know that isn't a Final Fantasy, but Kingdom Hearts has got Final Fantasy characters in it. So if there was a Kingdom Hearts movie, I bet that (and would hope that) Final Fantasy characters would appear at some point.

I doubt that all of those will/would be a movie, but I'd guess that one of them might be.

Kiss Me Good-Bye - Angela Aki

I have received through the post the Final Fantasy XII theme song single, Kiss Me Good-Bye, sung by Angela Aki. The song is truly very beautiful ^^ I first heard it in an FF XII trailer and I'm so glad to have the single for it :) Angela Aki has got a really beautiful voice, which fits the song perfectly. The single has Kiss My Good-Bye in both Japanese and English, which is very nice ^^

The single also included two other songs of Angela Aki, one which was all in english and the other mostly in Japanese. Both I enjoyed listening to :)

Also, there is a DVD which has a music video of Final Fantasy XII's Kiss Me Good-Bye included on it. I haven't watched that yet, but I can't wait too ^^

Here are some scans I took of the pictures that came with the single. The image of Penelo from Final Fantasy XII is actually a sticker :)

Friday, June 30, 2006

DoC Multi-Player to End

I have just read on that the Dirge of Cerberus Multi-Player mode in Japan will come to an end at the end of September. This has quite surprised me actually, I mean if it was going to happen late next year or something, then I don't think I would have been that surprised. Since it's not on MMORPG, then I didn't think it would last as long as MMORPG's do. But to last less than a seems to be quite a shame really.

I remember a while ago, I saw some footage of someone playing in the multi-player mode, and after I saw that I just wanted to jump right in because it looked really good!

When I heard about the US release of DoC not having the multi-player mode, I thought that there wouldn't be much of a chance of the mode for Europe, but now I don't think that there is any chance. Not that I'm really down about it or anything, the way I see that multi-player mode is that it was a bonus feature, it's the actual Dirge of Cerberus that I'm excited about

Thursday, June 29, 2006

First Blog Layout

Well that took me a while to figure out -_- I finally figured out how to put in a custom layout ^^ The layout features Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII, although really in the image here she's from Kingdom Hearts ;) I got the layout from a really great layout site that I've used before for other things, called Magitek Designs, if you've not heard of it, you should really go check it out :) Magitek Designs WebSite

I think that I have decided to use this blog system, it seems to be really great! Little tricky to figure out the custom layout thing >_< but I got there ^^

lol, I have just noticed that the Blog spell checker doesn't know the word "Blog" hehe

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Testing out the different features of this blog (first time using it).

I'm not quite sure what this blog will be about exactly, probably things to do with my hobbies, Final Fantasy being one of them ^^ Incase you don't know of Final Fantasy (for some odd reason ;P ) or you just haven't clicked yet, the name of this blog is after the title of a piece of music in Final Fantasy VIII.

After I have done a little more looking around this blog system and I like what I find, which so far I do, then I will start posting actual posts here ;)